2001 Ford Mustang GT Specifications
Steering, Suspension & Brakes
Dimensions & Capacities

Engine Type 4.6L SOHC V8
Engine Layout Front Engine, Rear-wheel Drive
Displacement 4.6 Liters / 281 Cubic Inches
Flywheel Horsepower 260 @ 5250 rpms
Flywheel Torque 302 @ 4000 rpms
Compression Ratio 9.74:1
Block Type Iron (154 lbs.)
Bore 3.552 Inches
Stroke 3.543 Inches
Bore Spacing 3.937 Inches
Deck Height 8.937 Inches
Rod Length 5.933 Inches
Pistons Hypereutectic w/.145 inch dish
Cylinder Heads Aluminum (44 lbs.)
Combustion Chambers 42.45cc
Valves 1.752" Intake / 1.417" Exhaust
Rockers Roller w/1.81:1 ratio
Camshaft Lift .535/.505
Cam Duration @ .050 192/184 - w/114 LSA
Intake Manifold Composite Plastic
Throttle Body 65mm (2.56 inches)
Fuel System Sequential multi-port electronic fuel system
Fuel Requirement 87 Octane (minimum)
Ignition System Coil on Plug (COP)
Exhaust System Dual, Stainless Steel w/catalytic converters

Type Tremec T-45, 5-speed manual
Gear Ratios 1st-3.37, 2nd-1.99, 3rd-1.33, 4th-1.00, 5th-0.67, rev-3.22
Final Drive Ratio 3.27:1

Front Suspension Independent, Modified MacPherson Strut
Front Springs Helical Coil, Rubber Insulated
Front Struts Hydraulic Gas Pressurized
Front Sway-bar Size 1.04 Inches
Rear Suspension Four-bar Link w/coil springs and axle dampers
Rear Springs Helical Coil, Rubber Insulated, Progressive Rate
Rear Shocks Hydraulic Gas Pressurized w/horizontal axle dampers
Rear Sway-bar Size 0.905 Inches
Steering Type Power Assisted, Rack-and-Pinion
Steering Ratio 15.0:1 on center
Turning Diameter 38.1 feet
Brake Type Power Four-wheel Disc w/ABS

Wheelbase 101.3 Inches
Overall Length 183.2 Inches
Overall Height 53.1 Inches
Overall Width 73.1 Inches
Tread Width (f/r) 60.2 Inches / 60.6 Inches
Curb Weight 3114 lbs.
Seating Capacity 4
Head Room (f/r) 38.1 Inches / 35.5 Inches
Shoulder Room (f/r) 53.6 Inches / 52.1 Inches
Hip Room (f/r) 52.8 Inches / 47.4 Inches
Leg Room (max) (f/r) 42.6 Inches / 29.9 Inches
Luggage Capacity 10.9 cu. ft.
Passenger Volume 83.0 cu. ft.
Total Interior Volume 93.9 cu. ft.
Lift-over Height 28.3 Inches
Fuel Tank Capacity 15.7 Gallons
Towing Class Light-duty Class I
Gross Trailer Weight 1000 lbs. (max)
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